Our Story

Bridal Global Expo came about as most new businesses do from the frustration of not finding what was needed and then, creating it. In 2004 Yasché was so excited to begin planning her perfect wedding day. She was then hit with the frustration of not finding the perfect shoes, the perfect venue, the perfect caterer who could serve true Southern cuisine AND it taste good!

She and her mother, both avid travelers began to literally travel the globe to find everything. With their love of shoe shopping they found the perfect shoe in France. On the long plane ride home they talked about how ridiculous it was to have to take such an extreme measure to bring a wedding to life.

Then came the dress…. not wanting a traditional white wedding dress, they began to look all over. The frustration came in not seeing brides who looked like them , stores that could serve a curvy bride without breaking the bank and finding venues that embraced their culture.

Bessye (lovingly called B.G. or Mommie) said, “Did you ever think about starting a business to help brides like you?” She dropped so many other nuggets during that conversation, but the most important thing was the seed was planted.

After over 25 + years of planning weddings, corporate events, great cultural celebrations, and then diving into the fashion world the past 3 years of planning shows and modeling, Yasché finally mustarded the courage to pick up the vision again and run with it.

Bridal Global Expo was officially birthed in 2019 with the goal of connecting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) couples plan their perfect wedding day without having to travel the globe to find their BIPOC and ally wedding professional team(s)!

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