Including Dad(s) on Your Wedding Day

Including Dad(s) on Your Wedding Day

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During the wedding celebration, we see touching moments between the wedding couple and their parents.  Dad walking the bride down the aisle, the groom giving mom a flower.  Even the tender behind the scenes moments of mom and dad’s first look and hugs.  (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

How do we include dad in a memorial if he is no longer here?  Here’s are a few more pressing questions, How do I include step-dad? Do we include dad if he was never here…but is now?  Short answer, it’s really up to you how and if you include the parents in your wedding celebration. 

Here are 5 ways to consider to include dad on your wedding day.

  1. The Invitation – Not only is the invitation the announcement of your wedding day, but it can also serve as the first step in giving honor/thanking your parents. 
  2. The Program – If you decide to have a printed program or even post one on your customized website, this is a good place to list out your parents.
  3. The ceremony – During most ceremonies fathers accompany their children into the ceremony.  But here are a few other ways to include dad and bonus dads.
    • If dad has passed away, consider a candle ceremony to remember him.
    • If you have a dad and a bonus dad, consider having one or both escort you in or even have them tag team the occasion.  One escorts and the other presents. You could discuss with each of them how you would prefer to have them participate.
    • If dad was not really present in your life until later in life, you could consider some of the above suggestions, or not.  It really depends on your relationship now with your father. 
  4. The pictures – Make sure to include some candid moments with dad.  During family photos, take individual pictures and group photos.  It would be a great idea to discuss with your professional photographer their suggestions.
  5. The reception – Awww the father- daughter dance. Part of the time-honored tradition of the reception. 
    • If dad has passed away, you can skip this portion of the program.  You can have an uncle or other male relative (from dad’s side) dance with you.  You can even ask your D/emcee make an announcement during the dance “In memory of…”
    • Bonus dad can have his time as well! You can have a dance with both dads.  Consider having them tag team for one song or play an excerpt from 2 songs to dance with them individually.
    • Later in life dad could sit out the dance portion.   You could dance for the entire song or a short excerpt. 
    • Speeches – if you feel comfortable have each dad share a touching moment or lead a toast to the couple.  

If at all not sure what to do or if relationships are a bit tense, consult with your wedding planner, wedding consultant, DJ and Photographer for their professional opinions.


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