The Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Ready for Marriage

With Valentine’s Day not far behind us and the taste of the spring wedding season is upon.  Many couples are either considering the next big step, become engaged or starting to plan their big day. With all the excitement though, many are left with the main question in the back of their mind…am I ready for marriage?

I posed this question to many of my married friends from 1 – to as many as 47 year of marriage. I asked them all “How do you know when you are ready for marriage?” All my married lady friends and family were ecstatic to offer some sound advice.

1. BATHROOM -You can walk in the bathroom when they are in it.

2. I.C.E. – They become your emergency contact.

3.  LOVE – When you love YOURSELF unconditionally!  (Kim High Dortch)

a. Find a man that loves God more than he loves you!

b. Model Marriage – If you have children it is important that they see either parents kissing and hugging each other and holding hands. (Lisa Taylor) Author’s Note: Surround yourself with married couples that can serve as a model to your marriage.

4. COMMUNICATION – learn it, practice it, master it! Also watch how your perspective mate treats and communicates with others.  (Kim High Dortch)

a. You can apologize to each other (Joyce Daniels)

b. Don’t “leave” after a disagreement

5. Watch BEHAVIORS and PATTERNS – pay attention to how your perspective mate treats and communicates with others. Make sure the behavior lines up with your desires and expectations for eventually the person will treat you the same. When a person shows you who they are….believe them!  (Kim High Dortch)

a. When you are going through extremely stressful situations and bring out the best in each other instead of the worst. Life is full of ups and downs. Its easy to enjoy the ups with anyone. You want someone you can lean on and will bring out the best in you and vice-versa, during the tough times.  (Angela McCall)

6. COMPROMISE – be ready to make compromises as 2 people from varied backgrounds, beliefs and experiences that join together to become “soul” mates and life partners. Remember no one is perfect and keep your hearts full of love, compassion and forgiveness.  (Aunt Richia Smith)

7. SUBMIT– this is like the 4 letter word in marriage, but is it? If you are a woman ready to be submissive to your own husband. If you don’t want to submit to him, maybe he is not the one or you are not ready to be married. (Sis. 1st Lady, Pastor Regina Martin)

a.  You are willing to surrender your will to God’s will, making Him Lord of your life, you may be ready. Of you can pray this prayer earnestly and honestly: “Whatever is Your first best for me, Father, whatever will bring You the most glory even if it means being single for the rest of my life, that is what I want. Please help me want Your Will in my life above everything else. Help me want more of You because I know that only You can truly satisfy.” – From Marriage Takes More Thank Love by Jack and Carole Mayhall (Dr. Jennifer Robinson)

8. ENJOY each others’ company. It is important that your spouse is your best friend (Lisa Taylor) You have fun with your spouse doing things that your spouse enjoys. Be willing to try new things together (Joyce Danies)

9. ACCEPT – You accept dutch ovens! Be willing to accept each others flaws! Accept each other’s family for who they are. (Joyce Daniels)

10.  PRAY for peace and wisdom and each other (Nichole Kahrs Silva)

With over 140+ combined years expertise in marriage, 12 children many of whom have had their own successful marriages, 19 grand children and 2 great grand children. These women are not only the epitome of successful marriages but successful families. These women are my tribe that I go to for advice on many things marriage and woman related let’s face it, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be on this platform but another type if you know what I mean.

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